How do You Avoid Making a Mess When Having Sex During Your Period

Through this article, I will show you how you can avoid making a mess when having sex during your period. I recommend you to get through whole article and improve your knowledge about sex on period. Ok? Here’s the thing…

Usually, men and women are not happy with the idea of having sex during menstruation because of the mess that it can cause. Anyway, if you’re little more careful with a planning you can have minimal mess, so you can focus on enjoying the experience. When you’re ready to have sex during your menstruation, you should get your man to straddle you while you’re lying on your back. This way, you will reduce bleeding. Put beneath you some spare towels or sheets, so it can absorb any excess blood.

If you have thought about wearing a diaphragm or cervical cap during sex, I suggest you not to do it.You should not use these things to collect menstrual blood, because it can put you at risk of toxic shock syndrome. Although, when it is about menstrual cups, you can use them safely during your period, but it is important for desi chut ki chudai you to know to use them properly.

Since most guys and girls don’t like having sex during menstrual cycle, I will give you the most powerful thing that you two can do while you’re on your period.

The best way to use that time is a blow job. Yes, blow job is the most powerful thing and guys love it. If you become really good at giving blow jobs, you can improve your relationship and sexual life. Although, 90% of girls don’t give good blow jobs, so it’s a good reason for you to learn it. Trust me, your man will never think of cheating on you or some other stuff.

I will now give you 3 good reasons why you SHOULD learn how to give an incredible blow job:

1) You will be UNIQUE – As I told you before, 90% of girls give shitty blow jobs, so if you learn how to do it, you will be absolutely 100% unique.

2) You will have much more CONTROL in your relationship – Yes, desi chut if you learn how to give an amazing head, your guy will adore you and you will have much bigger control of his behavior, since nobody gave him a blow job lik you did.

3) Never worry of getting dumped or divorced-If you know how to give your man oral like a Jenna Jameson, you will never have a fear of losing your man. Men love blow jobs and since he will be satisfied, there is no way that he will search somewhere else for this satisfaction.

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